Thursday, June 6, 2013

Accident on the Orsa Maggiore

     I slept in until 10 AM today for no reason, but it was probably the nicest thing I’ve done yet this summer. I proceeded to work on research for my paper and planned my one-day stay in Palermo, which I’m very excited about! I’ll be going to Monreale to see the Duomo, and hopefully visiting a museum or two in the afternoon.
     Work continued as usual, cleaning the tanks, sweeping, mopping, feeding and medicating Captain Hook.
     Daniela then wanted to introduce me to the captain of Orsa Maggiore. He was very nice, though, and spoke wonderful English! We talked about Italian politics and American education, which was interesting. We differed on our views but it was nice to see someone so enthusiastic to speak Engish, for once! The funniest thing happened, though… Lea, the black dog from the Center, somehow made her way onto the boat and broke/fell through the ceiling of the boat onto the dining room table where we were having an aperitivo. It was shocking and hysterical, embarrassing and perfect all at the same time. I wish I had filmed it, the guilty look on the dog’s face, and the laughter from the crew (as well as my mortification).

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