Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My last-second adventure to Lampedusa, Sicily begins on May 9th, after being home for only 20 hours. My first year of college finished with a bang (good or bad, I don't know - finals were killer!), and now it's time to get down to work again. I'm traveling in affiliation with the Yale Environmental Summer Fellowship, which I'm extremely thankful to be a recipient of this year.

I am writing this blog to make sure I don't forget anything about my experience at the Lampedusa Turtle Group - a small nonprofit organization, WWF affiliate and sea turtle rescue hospital. The Rescue Center seems to encompass all of my interests, from politics and economics to biology and conservation. Though I know little of what to expect, my deciphering of their Italian-only website shows that the Group does, and is not limited to, the following things:
- Sea turtle conservation and advocacy in the Mediterranean
- Fishermen and tourist education and research for better cooperation in saving endangered sea turtles
- Veterinary procedures and medication of rescued turtles

Finally, I will not have consistent access to internet - the posts on this blog will be backed up! But I'll do my best not to skip a day, or at least not to skip anything important. I'm no writer, but hopefully some readers will find this interesting. Feel free to contact me with questions (and encouragement for the research paper I'm supposed to finish by August about my experience this summer!!).

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