Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Diversifying my skills

     I translated from Italian to English for the first time today!! It’s way easier than it sounds, even for veterinary and scientific procedural writings. The document I worked on was a presentation about sea turtle operations, rescue and more things including the words “cervical sinuses” (?) and “catheters”.
     I’m getting much more comfortable at holding the turtles down for medication! I’ve never come so close to animal blood and smelly pus in my life but it’s not so bad. I could basically be a vet at this point; my biggest fears have been conquered.
     Giulia made an incredible pasta with zucchini and shrimp (not Kosher, uh oh) for lunch that I could eat every day of my life. And Daniela bought us gelato! Life is too good when all you taste is Nutella, pistachio and fiori di latte.
     I also decided on the structure of my paper for the Environmental Summer Fellowship requirement. It is going to be focused on policy due to my lack of tools and data to do other kinds of statistical analysis and lack of resources and time to do a full-blown biological research paper. Just thinking about the topic of policy, regulations and conservation efforts has given me so many ideas.
     We also have lots of ideas for the NGO, including building a better website that also has information in English. So comes the challenge of buying an internet system – wifi, router, etc – such a challenge on this island!! The next steps, after the website, are advertising and creating connections at universities and other organizations that may be willing to partner up or fundraise.     I also had homework tonight… I spent about two hours reading a procedural description on the biochemistry and haematology of sea turtles, since tomorrow we do blood sampling and RBC counting. Turtle haemotology is a very unexplored field and needs more data if scientists hope to be able to detect any actual pattern that results from testing may indicate. As of now, for one observation there exists several possible explanations, making the work seemingly useless at the time. Eventually it will pay off, I hope!

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