Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Different realities

     Tonight we went out (more than just getting a drink at a lazy bar) for the first time. We went to Janys’ house, which is actually a large residence. It is actually gorgeous and has a beautiful patio, which he took advantage of and hosted a small party before the first tourists arrived. At this point it seems like there is no one on the island, but apparently the first few days of June are a quick transformation, making Lampedusa a wonderful travel destination. I’m not that into the ‘going out’ scene here, although the people are very nice, there is not much to talk about. First of all is the language barrier (thank goodness I had Kaylyn with me), and second of all we don’t relate in any way. The other volunteers and I have much to talk about because we’re obviously interested in a similar cause and have similar, or at least compatible interests. The majority of the people I’ve met besides them, though, never made it past high school and are only concerned with making money off of tourism in whatever way is easiest to them.
     This, according to Daniela and many of the older or more concerned residents of Lampedusa, is the sad reality. The future looks stark based on the attitudes and lack of willingness to learn of today’s youth.
     We also met Anna, a spunky and friendly girl from rural Britain today. She is just the sweetest thing, and is au pairing with a family here. She comes back every summer to do this, and has turned down her place at uni for neurosciences to do so. For me, it’s unbelievable. But seeing her so happy and in her element makes me realize the importance of that annoying, yet maybe true phrase: “you do you”.

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