Saturday, May 25, 2013

Birthdays and websites

Today was my cousin Eloi's and my best friend's birthday. My best friend (Jesse) is, ironically, going to be spending her summer in Nicaragua doing social NGO work, which is close to both of my parents' hearts, and spending time with my family - meanwhile I'm learning about sea turtles and the world of conservation, which is actually her dad's career.
     I am learning to cope with the spotty internet, although it makes it very difficult for me to work on my research, blog and Rescue Center website. Kaylyn is in charge of formatting and sorting through material for the website, and I work on translating, research and editing.
     The boys finished their masterpiece, a kind of boardwalk that goes around all of the tank holding room so that tourists can have a safe look at the turtles instead of the slippery bricks that there were before.

Here are Alessandro and Amedeo, finishing up work

     Finally, Daniela casually suggested a trip to Sicily for me, where she has arranged for me to stay with the director of a WWF reserve, assist in a turtle release, and explore another part of Italy. I am more than excited!! She has the best connections and is the absolute sweetest host for doing this for me - I did not expect my trip to turn out like this.

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