Sunday, May 19, 2013

Little Chicken and Rabbit Beaches!

The two resident Americans of the volunteer house (Kaylyn and me) provided an american-style breakfast for the group today! We had pancakes, sautéed apples with honey, and croissants.
Today was so exciting – we had a great tour of the highest point of Lampedusa, Cala Pulcino, and L’isola dei conigli via a beautiful hike. We also made a stop at Casa Teresa, one of the oldest standing structures on the island from when it was most recently colonized (late 1800s). There were pictures of a forested island, which we learned was completely deforested and became the lampedusa we know today. It was an incredible transformation, and I’m thankful that there are at least a few patches of trees left so that we can appreciate the beauty that the island once had.
Alessandro was a wonderful nature guide. I learned all about desert plant adaptations and the Mediterranean (posedonia oceanica, for example, is an angiosperm monocot that is found in the Mediterranean sea – when it washes onto shore it creates a barrier and protects from erosion – its colonies are among the oldest living specimens on Earth, which I learned about in my ecology and evolutionary biology lab!).
The hike was actually pretty terrifying because of my fear of heights. Thank goodness the crew convinced me to do it, though. The view was worth being scared and more!

The crew at the highest point of the island

Spiagga dei conigli (Rabbit Beach) - rated the best beach in the world!! (Fodor's)

Hike to Cala Pulchino (Little Chicken Bay)

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